SBT3000 Series Single-lane Swing Barrier

SBT3000 is a single lane swing barrier.

With compact and modern design, SBT3000/3200 provides the best efficiency of multi-access in an economic space. SBT3000/3200 provide bilateral electric remote control and can integrate access control devices including RFID, fingerprint, face and vein devices. When a valid card is swiped, the electric flaps open and allow a single authorized access. Alarm will be triggered by unauthorized access or reversed access. The devices also detect tailgate access and trigger alarm.

With smooth operation and high durability, SBT3000/3200 are optimal choices of entrance control.


SBT3000: One Lane Swing Barrier
SBT3011: One Lane Swing Barrier with RFID Access Control System
SBT3022: One Lane Swing Barrier with Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System

  • Access Control

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